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Assessment of the feasibility of installation and selection of a drive for swing automatic gates

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Assessment of the feasibility of installation and selection of a drive for swing automatic gates

In private areas and in garages, swing gates are traditionally installed. Equipping automation makes it easier to manage them. A simple invention can be mounted on an existing structure or you can buy a ready-made kit with a gate.

Characteristics of swing gates

Swinging automatic gates are a practical and familiar option for mounting on a doorway. And the remote control of the movement of the wings makes the process comfortable, especially in the cold season. Expert in the field of automatic gate control, official partner of ALUTECH company - Amico System, explains in detail the features of the mechanism for swing structures and gives recommendations on choosing the type of drive.

Pros and cons

Swing gate leaves can open outward or inward, depending on how the system is installed. In this case, the availability of free space must be taken into account. This type of construction has the following advantages:

  • Accessibility. The construction does not require large expenditures, therefore it is in demand.
  • Easy fit.
  • Long life.
  • Easy travel for all modes of transport.
  • A variety of sash materials.
  • Allow self-installation.

In order to assess the rationality of installing swing gates with automation, their disadvantages should also be taken into account:

  • the need for concreting and digging in support pillars;
  • setting the structure requires considerable space for the free movement of the wings;
  • possibility of building damage by strong winds;
  • quite a lot of electrical installation costs, since 2 motors are needed.

Options for automatic drives

Drives for swing gates can be of different types. Manufacturers offer proven options, as well as new developments. Citizens of Kiev can order gate automation on the website amico.com.ua.


The economical mechanism copes with its functions, but is not able to provide quick closing /opening of the wings. The drive requires a little refinement so that the gate closes to the end.


The cost of a mechanism is slightly higher than that of a linear one. But it is easier to install and there is no need to modify it. It is only important to correctly mount the drive on the finished structure.

Leafs with lever motor open 120 degrees. Also, the mechanism provides a high speed of their movement.


The electrical box embodies the virtues of a lever drive and is complemented by an aesthetic advantage. The automation system is not visually visible, it is deepened into the ground. It costs more than the two previous mechanisms, it helps to open the valves by 110 degrees. Installation must be carried out by an experienced technician.

Gates with automatic control are a reliable design, easy to use. They function on the basis of special blocks of rollers located below the profile sheets. Swing structures are the most familiar to citizens, so the demand for them does not decrease.

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