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Corrugated packaging from the manufacturer

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Corrugated packaging from the manufacturer

Today, a huge number of different types of packaging materials are widely used. Particular attention can be paid to corrugated cardboard. It is widely used for the production of various types of packaging - individual, warehouse, presentation and others. Learn more about what corrugated packaging is and where you can order it.

Peculiarities of corrugated packaging operation

According to the design, corrugated cardboard is a material that consists of several layers. The maximum number of layers is up to 7. Their thickness is not less than 3 mm and not more than 10 mm. Corrugated cardboard from -5 layers is used for the production of containers. The main purpose of corrugated packaging is the movement of large consignments of goods. It is mainly used to make individual packaging for the transportation of different types of products.

Corrugated boxes are lightweight but durable boxes that allow you to securely pack goods. Such structures ensure the safety of the content. At the same time, they protect goods from various types of mechanical damage, moisture, temperature changes, etc. They may contain information about the manufacturer, as well as the conditions of transportation.

Corrugated packaging from Gofro Pack

If you need to purchase high-quality corrugated packaging, you can pay attention to the proposals of the Gofro Pack company. This is a full cycle company that manufactures corrugated packaging for various purposes. For production, corrugated cardboard of different colors is used - white and brown. It can be noted the main advantages of operating corrugated packaging from the manufacturer "Gofro Pak"

  • Large margin of safety.
  • Ability to withstand mechanical stress, vibration.
  • Water resistant
  • Versatility.
  • Sustainability.
  • Reliability, practicality.
  • Breathability

On the company's website, you can familiarize yourself with the range of corrugated packaging, clarify the terms of delivery and choose an up-to-date solution. Among the most popular types of corrugated packaging are trays for perishable products, containers for bulk goods, packing boxes, boxes and other types of containers. To order, you can contact the company's website.

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