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Screw conveyors: design, features of work

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Screw conveyors: design, features of work

The screw conveyor is a production device that is used to move various bulk materials - powder, fine fraction, etc. The conveyor is designed to move food products and chemicals. Therefore, it is actively used in the agricultural, pharmaceutical industries, as well as in enterprises of other types of activity, if necessary.


Screw conveyors consist of a screw, it is considered the main moving element. The screw is enclosed in a metal casing, made in the form of a cylinder and a half-cylinder, that is, a pipe or a gutter. When the casing is open, the route design is only horizontal, when closed, it is horizontal, inclined or vertical. Any design allows you to continuously move the product due to the fact that it has a spiral shape and blades of a special shape.

Also, the design of such a device may include a hopper for receiving the product, its volume is different. The screw conveyor is closed by an input and output module, as well as an electric motor that sets the system in motion.

How the mechanism works: some nuances

For the manufacture of the screw and the pipe, steel or other types of metals are used that can withstand long-term operation. Accordingly, the price of equipment installation will depend on the materials and scale of production. The electric motor is started using the control system, even a not very experienced specialist can handle it.

Increased attention is paid to the installation of the production route:

  • Open enclosures are installed indoors.
  • Closed pipes can be used in any production environment, including adverse ones.

The installation of conveyors is carried out in two stages. The first stage is preparation. The unit is unloaded in the area of ​​the working platform, an inspection is carried out and the elements of the system are prepared. Then the installation is carried out, the individual parts are connected, then the work is accepted.

If you need to buy a screw conveyor, but you do not know which design is best for your production, installation activities should begin with the development of a project for the future screw. All information on this matter can be found on the official website of the Technic company - Technic.ua. For more than 20 years, this manufacturing company has been operating in Ukraine. Specialists individually approach each client, comprehensively develop and manufacture conveyors of varying complexity.

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