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Signature installations for wall-hung toilets

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Signature installations for wall-hung toilets

The convenience and practicality of the so-called hanging toilets is hard to dispute. Today, such designs can be increasingly found not only when visiting public toilets, but also in home bathrooms. Their main advantage is the ability to:

  • To carry out a quick and high-quality ruffle of the floor under and around the toilet.
  • Set the bowl at the optimal height for the user.

But, the installation of this option requires additional components - a special installation, the quality of which depends on the reliability and safety of fixation. Branded online store of equipment for water supply "Terem" offers to the attention of buyers kits or installation for installation and operation of such toilets. Here's what they are.

Why you can't save on installation

It should be noted right away that all the fittings of the installation are installed “in patai” and require subsequent finishing with finishing materials (for example, drywall, tiles, plastic panels). Only the toilet bowl and the flush control button in the wall remain visible. Therefore, not only the reliability of the installation depends on the quality of the installation kit, but also the service life of the fittings, for the repair of which it will be necessary to disassemble the finish. The set includes:

  1. Sturdy frame, it is she who will take physical exertion. Fixed to the floor and wall, allows you to choose the desired height of the bowl.
  2. Flush tank with fittings for automatic shutoff of the water supply after filling.
  3. Hose for connecting to the water main, a pipe for supplying water to the bowl after pressing the button and a pipe for connecting to a sewer drain.

A suitable model of the toilet itself should be purchased in advance. You can get acquainted with the types of installations and choose the right toilet bowl (or vice versa) using the online catalog of the online store of the supplier of sanitary equipment of the Terem company. The product names presented on its pages fully comply with the declared technical parameters and have a quality guarantee.

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