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Order screw conveyors for bulk products

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Order screw conveyors for bulk products

Auger conveyors are widely used in various enterprises to move bulk products. They are high-tech devices that facilitate the process of feeding bulk materials. It is advisable to use them both in manufacturing and construction enterprises, and in various warehouses and farms. The company "ETS-K" offers a wide range of spiral screw conveyors. To order, you can visit the site and select the appropriate conveyor model.

Selection of screw conveyors from a manufacturer in Kuban

The catalog on the site presents screw conveyors for bulk in various modifications. All products fully comply with established requirements and quality standards. If necessary, you can order spare parts and additional equipment for conveyors.

In the catalog you can find the following types of products:

  • Conveyors with a flexible helix that allow you to move abrasive materials.
  • Rigid helix conveyors for handling high density products.
  • Screw feeders for loading and filling operations.
  • Pneumatic conveyors for fast transport and ventilation of bulk products.
  • Steamers that are used to unpack bags and other types of soft packaging.
  • Mobile conveyors used to move products inside warehouses as well as outdoors.

What are the main advantages of spiral conveyors?

The ability to feed the product at an angle, vertical rise to a height of up to 10 m, no dust, ease of setting up units and ease of operation, safe operation, low energy consumption - these are not all the advantages of spiral conveyors. In addition to the above features, one can also note a long service life, reliability, silent operation and others. One axleless conveyor can load several containers. To get acquainted with other features of the equipment, please visit the ETS-K website.

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