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Safety shoes from the company "SIZ"

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Safety shoes from the company "SIZ"

In many enterprises, the use of work clothes and shoes is a common practice. For the employee, an individual work kit is created that protects in the process of work. The SIZ online store offers to purchase special shoes in a wide range. On the site https://siz.ua/specobuv you can choose shoes depending on the size, models and other criteria. You can get acquainted with the current catalog of models on the website of the online store.

Assortment of safety shoes from the SIZ online store

Special footwear is one of the most popular means of protecting the feet. It is used not only as a standard means of protecting feet from moisture and dust. Special work shoes also prevent a variety of traumatic situations. When choosing such shoes, you should pay attention to many aspects - the type of materials used, style, season of operation, size range.

The catalog of online store models presents:

  • Boots for winter and autumn.
  • Shoes.
  • Sabo.
  • Rubber shoes
  • Sandals

The catalog also includes accessories, insoles, socks. In order to fully comply with the established requirements, such shoes are made in a reinforced version. That is, it has different properties, including resistance to temperature extremes, slip, high strength, water resistance. Thanks to these properties, work shoes protect against electric shock, mechanical damage, frostbite, exposure to chemicals, moisture, dampness and other factors.

Where to order safety shoes in Kiev?

The right choice of safety shoes guarantees not only comfort at work, but also safe working conditions. If you need to place an order for a batch of safety shoes in Kiev, you can contact the specialists of the SIZ company. The catalog contains high quality models from leading brands from Europe. You can choose shoes for different types of work, depending on your needs. In addition to retail purchases, it is possible to place a wholesale order from the company's warehouse. To order, you can contact the site.

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