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Sheet bending rolls from the company "Izhlazer"

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Sheet bending rolls from the company "Izhlazer"

Specialized equipment is widely used at small-scale production enterprises. If it is required to bend metal sheets, it is advisable to use a three-roll mechanical sheet bender. On the Izhlaser website https://izhlaser.ru/stanki-i-oborudovanie / You can buy a wide range of electromechanical three-roll rollers. Let's get acquainted with the features of their operation in more detail.

Technical parameters of the roller machine Dintek 3R-L 2

The roller machine of this modification processes sheet metal. The maximum width of the processed sheet metal is 2050 mm. The maximum sheet metal thickness is 6 mm. A manual drive type is used.

It is possible to note the advantages of operating this machine. It uses steel rolls with increased strength. The bearing frames are made of durable wear-resistant steel. There is a portable panel equipped with wheels for easy operation. Thus, the features of the operation of three-roll mechanical bending machines include:

  • Safe control, which is achieved through a remote remote control.
  • Easy to move around the work area due to the wheels and the handle on the remote control panel.
  • Provides a safety fence for safe operation.

As we can see, the equipment is distinguished not only by the safety of operation, but also by high performance. Among them are strength, wear resistance, high maintainability.

Where can I order sheet bending rolls?

High-quality bending of sheet metal is possible subject to the operation of reliable and high-quality equipment. If you are looking for the best solution for sheet metal bending, it is advisable to purchase electromechanical rolls. The delivery set includes a machine, a control panel. After ordering, the equipment will be securely packed and prepared for transportation to the customer. It is worth considering that the production time for sheet bending equipment is 45 working days.

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