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Izhstal erudite competition

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A corporate brain-ring game was held at the Izhstal plant (part of the Mechel Group).

Eight teams from various departments and divisions of the plant fought for the title of the most erudite. The participants demonstrated knowledge in the field of cinema, theater, music, health and even the history of the trade union movement.

In the final duel, the teams “Technical smart guys” and “Clockwork managers” met, fighting between them on equal terms until the last question. At the finish line, the technicians showed restraint and won a well-deserved victory. The third place went to the Quality Hunters team. All winners of the game were awarded certificates from the Chitai-Gorod bookstore chain.

Spectators answered questions that remained unanswered by the teams. For correct answers, erudite fans were awarded sweet prizes.


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