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Rental of formwork in St. Petersburg

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Rental of formwork in St. Petersburg

Technology of construction of monolithic buildings in the modern world is very popular. Constructed to give the design the desired shape will help shuttering. This is a special design, which can be made of wood, metal and other materials. Its main function is the maintaining of concrete mixture during various construction works. The company "Region Stroy Komplekt" offers to rent formwork in St. Petersburg at an affordable price.

Features rent formwork

For proper organization of construction of any facilities using the technology of monolithic molding, the use of formwork is important appropriate action. For this purpose the company offers versatile formwork, made in several variants:


    • the
      • For walls and partitions. For these purposes will need steel, and aluminium small-panel formwork. Each of these options has certain properties. For example, small-panel is lightweight, therefore ideal for buildings with a small area. Affordable price is also a significant advantage of this type of formwork. the
        • For slabs and monolithic beams. The data structures represent telescopic struts which can be adjusted during Assembly. It is a universal solution which will help in most cases. In addition, this category formwork, which will help in the construction of large structures. the
          • columns. This type of design will allow you to form columns, varying in form and height.

          For more information on leasing or purchasing a particular type of equipment, you can contact the experts of the company.

          How to hire a formwork in Saint-Petersburg

          If the company is permanently involved in a monolithic casting best solution is buying formwork, which is suitable for repeated use. In the case of the single works the best solution is to hire any kind of equipment. To obtain an estimate of possible after registration on the website of the company.

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