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Services of the studio of design of premises "HATA DESIGN"

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Services of the studio of design of premises "HATA DESIGN"

Carrying out major repairs in an apartment is a rather troublesome event, and the lack of proper experience can lead to a waste of money on finishing materials and payment of hired workers due to an incorrectly drawn up design plan initially. The online catalog, which is kindly provided for study by design studio "HATA DESIGN", renovation of premises in Kharkov https://xata.kh.ua/services/remont-pod-klyuch-v-xarkove.html on its official website.

But, even a huge selection of options will not allow completely solving the problem of carrying out the entire complex of repair work, and in this case, a site visitor can take advantage of a 2-hour free consultation from 3 professional specialists at once:

  • A designer - he is the one who will help to create a picture of how the room will look after all the work has been completed, taking into account the customer's requirements and generally accepted visualization standards.
  • Construction foreman - will select the necessary materials and draw up a sequence of operations.
  • Technologist - will calculate the technological map of the entire repair, according to which an estimate of the cost of all work, including construction materials, will be drawn up.

After receiving advice and the necessary design calculations, the client does not have to look for contractors, as well as to purchase everything necessary He can order the execution of all repair work on a turnkey basis directly in the HATA DESIGN design studio on an official contractual basis and receive additional bonuses for this.

Bonuses from the design studio

Any, even the most exquisitely decorated room implies its arrangement with furniture. And in this matter, the services of a professional designer, which are provided free of charge to all clients of the studio "HATA DESIGN", will be very useful. To this should be added:

  • Significant discounts on building and finishing materials.
  • Help with decorating.
  • 5 years warranty after all work has been completed.

You can get more detailed information and conclude a contract for the provision of services for the repair of a room or apartment using the design studio's Internet resource. An application for a preliminary consultation is filled in online format.

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