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MMK will present its innovative developments in Moscow

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This year, the innovative potential of PJSC MMK is presented at Archimedes by four patented developments in the field of cold-resistant rolled metal for the icebreaker fleet, marine and engineering equipment operating in the Arctic.

The high competitiveness of the developed cold-resistant rolled metal products, due to the unique combination of economical alloying with the level of strength characteristics, toughness, cold resistance (up to minus 60 °), isotropic properties, crack resistance and excellent weldability of sheet products, ensured the demand for these products in the Russian and international markets.

The 22nd Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes" is held from 26 to 29 March in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center. This largest world forum includes various events, including - exhibitions of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, utility models; conferences, competitions, venture fairs, training events under the general name "University of the Inventor".

The Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant is a regular participant of the Archimedes Salon. In 2017, at the 20th anniversary Salon, MMK was awarded diplomas and two gold medals for the development and active use of the original MAGSTRONG trademark, as well as for the development of a Method for the Production of High Wear Resistant Sheet Steel. The developments "Method for the production of ultra-high-strength sheet steel" and "Method for the production of high-strength sheet steel" were awarded bronze medals and diplomas. Also, following the results of Archimedes 2017, MMK was awarded a diploma of "Respect and gratitude" for active participation in organizing and conducting the event. In addition, the plant became the owner of a diploma and the "Cup of the region" for active work on the development of invention and rationalization, including for the measures successfully developed and first introduced at a Russian metallurgical plant aimed at improving the efficiency of management of rationalization, innovation and patenting activities. p>

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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