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Severstal introduces a neural network to improve the quality of the metal

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OOO "Severstal digital" (enters in PAO Severstal), together with the management
for technical development and quality division "Severstal Russian steel"
developed neural network EVE for the classification of surface defects.

Now for the search and classification of defects in the production of flat rolled
Cherepovets steel mill used a system of inspection stripes

"the Production of quality products is impossible without digital
tools. Modern units and control systems provide a large
amount of information, more decisions to staff required to take on
the basis of mathematical models. Moreover, any complex software is not
perfect. For example, some of the surface defects can be ignored or
found about. To improve the quality of the inspection of the rental team.
created model in computer vision EVE", – said Director of technical
development and the quality of the division "Severstal Russian steel" Peter Mishnev.

EVE is a neural network which is able to find four types of
defects of captivity, crack, mechanical defect and the sink – to digital photos
metal surface. The network receives images from cameras Parsytec, and then to
a dedicated server with high performance graphics processors
detects and klassificeret defects, determine their options. Information about
the found defects is displayed on the operator screen.

a Pilot project with the system running in the shop finishing of metal No. 2 of Cherepovets steel mill.
For training radiographers GTRC has prepared more than 40 thousand images
surface of the sheet metal with marked defects. According to the test
project is marked, EVE finds three times more real defects than
Parsytec, and 13 times fewer false defects.

"Severstal digital" examines computer vision as one of the most
important in the production of automation
using machine learning. Soon we will give our colleagues from the
production units several solutions, in which algorithms
computer vision will be used for quality control of products
security, as well as the exclusion of a person from routine operations,"
says the Director of development of digital technology (CDO)
the company "Severstal" Igor Bardans.

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