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Severstal is involved in strengthening the country's defense

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated
steel and mining companies, provides innovative solutions for
military-industrial complex of Russia. The company supplies more than ten marks
of steel to the enterprises of defense industry of the country: this is armored steel
commercial and special purpose, special sudostali etc.

"Reliable security system is the basis of peaceful development of the state. Our
country continues the development of its defence capabilities, to be ready to
protect its citizens from external threats, cooperation with other States to
fight against terrorism and extremism. Our enterprise – Cherepovets
steel works – traditionally specializiruetsya in the production of
metal for the military-industrial complex. Our specialists have
experience, technical developments and new solutions required for the modernization of the
armed forces of the country and exclude dependence on imports in the areas of strengthening
the defense of the state", – says General Director of the division
"Severstal Russian steel" Evgenie Vinogradov.

among the latest developments – innovative armored steel grade 500 and 550
classes. Such a metal provides a high armor classes. In
particular, armor grade 500 class shows a fourth class of armor,
and at certain angles of attack, is the fifth grade. One of the best results –
rolled metal of steel grade 550 class. It can withstand a direct
hit by a bullet from a Dragunov sniper rifle and provides a fifth class
armor. These high-strength steels intended for the manufacture of
light armored wheeled vehicles of the military-industrial complex of Russia, as well as
suitable for defensive fortifications. Improved analogue 550 class on demand
the Russian market of light armored equipment for commercial purposes – in
civilian armor and armored vehicles.

Experts of the Directorate of technical development and quality division
"Severstal Russian steel" and the production of flat-rolled products of Cherepovets steel mill developed a
new armor steel grade 500 class and mastered the technology of its production. On
the 2800 rolling mill sheet-rolling shop №1 of Cherepovets steel mill produces ready-to-use sheet
with a final heat treatment – quenched and tempered. To ensure the full
cycle of thermal treatment and obtaining of the necessary properties of high-strength rolled
"Severstal" implemented a number of investment projects. In particular, the summer
last year, completed the reconstruction of the roller furnace №2 in the shop finishing of metal
No. 1 (CMA-1) CHerMK. New roller kiln makes it possible to process the metal in a
wider temperature range, which in turn allows you to remove the
internal stress of the metal. This year's set of equipment in TSOM-1
will be updated with new plate straightening machine for metal high-class

Metal armor brand 550-class commercial vehicles
comes from the mill 2000 rolling workshop No. 2 at the Cherepovets steel mill hot rolled
condition, without heat treatment, with the 2800 rolling mill after quenching with vacation. In
the first case, the heat treatment (quenching and tempering) for metal customers
perform independently, achieving the desired properties of the metal,
heat treatment of thicker metal running in TSOM-1.

Development 500 class confidently withstood the bullet test and to use
in the defense complex of the country is the registration of the Ministry of defence
of the Russian Federation. New armor grade 500-th, and later, and 550 grades will be able
to replace the existing brand in a new generation of vehicles, which
is to replace the APC and other types of light machinery. To completion
of registration, "Severstal" carries out deliveries of special "closed"
armor models. Experience of their production at the Cherepovets steel mill has more than 30 years.

Another innovative solution – hot rolled pickled hire brand
for special purposes. Cherepovets steel mill is one
of the key suppliers of this metal. Through a specially chosen
the alloying system, this brand has high strength and cold resistance.
This metal in demand in the production of installations, systems of volley fire.
due to its properties this grade can be applied even in Extreme
of the North and ensure the availability of complexes: withstands high
temperature changes accompanying the launch of the missiles, while not subject
deformation, destruction, loss of properties due to heating. This brand of steel
distinguished by a complex chemical composition and the long process chain
of production that is required to ensure high quality products for
customer. In particular, such products must meet requirements
flatness and camber. Steel grade put on the account of the Ministry of
defense. Delivery of rolled metal is performed 2016. In another embodiment
hot-rolled sheets, such products are also applicable in the manufacture of machinery
special purpose.

Another direction – special sudostali production case
submarines. Their technology has been applied by the group since the late 90-ies and was
all the necessary tests and certification procedures. Now mostly
this metal is manufactured in the rolling mill production tube
car hire in Kolpino. Sudostali distinguished by higher requirements for strength
characteristics and cold resistance.

Years of experience – over 20 years – the Cherepovets steel mill has a production and
the supply of the group of steel grades for commercial purposes. This metal multi-purpose
of use. It is used in the manufacture of body armor, doors, booking,
private car.

the Existing technological capabilities of enterprises, production experience and
the competence of the staff allow the company to continue developing the range of
products for the military-industrial complex of the country. At the same time, experts do not
only mastered completely new steel products or improved analogues.
already in use, but also develop solutions for such enterprises, using
advanced design. For example, employees GTRC with
computer simulation test the idea of appropriateness of armor
steel grade 500 class for polarisusa grids. Compared to
conventional steels, this grade significantly improves the protective properties of the mesh:
increases the angle of deflection of the bullet from the initial trajectory and increases the degree
of absorption of its kinetic energy. Computer simulation allows also
perform optimization of the geometry of the grid cells and the location of the layers, hold
of the virtual experiments for different types of submunitions and conditions
hit. Thus, the company's specialists develop a proactive
proposals and solutions for customers, including enterprises of the defense and

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