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"Sibkabel" has acquired a new stranding machines

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"Sibkabel" has acquired a new stranding machines

At the "Sibkabel" (included in the "holding Cable Alliance", uniting cable assets UMMC) has installed two high-speed stranding machines. Total cost of equipment is about 320 thousand euros.

the New machine, designed for lay stranded of conductor (EC), will work in shop No. 6, which produces a shaft and excavator cables and power cables for General purposes. Twist EC – the second stage of cable production after drawing. It is necessary to increase the flexibility of those structures which in operation are subjected to bending and strenuous physical activity.

"the New equipment is suitable for twisting multi-stranded conductors with cross sections of 0.75 – 6 mm2 and 2.5 – 35 mm2 of copper and tinned copper wire. Its performance is 5 times higher than existing twisting machines. Per minute one machine can produce from 3200 to 7000 twists. The design of the new equipment provides significantly lower power consumption and reduced noise, and improved technology allows us to minimize operations maintenance. A modern system of management and control to achieve high quality twisted products and completely eliminate the human factor," explained the chief of Department of perspective development
JSC "Sibkabel" Roman Khabarov.

Experts believe that with the launch of the new equipment will increase production volumes of EC and, therefore, ready cable products for railway transport, mining industry, energy, etc.

"the Modernization of production and, consequently, the launch of wide range of cable products, the main strategic objective of the company. Technology does not stand still, complicated operating conditions of cable products, the growing demands of customers. Therefore, we strive to keep up with the times, and are always ready to offer partners high-quality and interesting product," –said Director of JSC "Sibkabel" Alexey Join.

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