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Plant "Sibkabel" launched a line drawing worth over 1 million euros

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Plant "Sibkabel" launched a line drawing worth over 1 million euros

JSC "Sibkabel" (included in the "holding Cable Alliance", uniting cable assets UMMC) has commissioned a new line drawing cost of 1 035 000 € (Germany).

the capabilities of modern equipment installed in shop No. 3, was presented to the Deputy Governor of Tomsk region on industrial policy Igor Saturnia and regional media.

Line acquired in the framework of large-scale investment program of JSC "Sibkabel". Its launch will enable the company to increase the amount of processing (drawing) of wire rod in copper wire, used to make the conductive core of the cable. Thus increase the production volumes of finished products in the first place, cables for oil and gas, mining industries, power cables. They are the main products of JSC "Sibkabel".

"Our goal is to produce a quality product. Quality begins already at the first stage in the supply and processing of wire rod. High quality wire rod of production of JSC "Uralelectromed" there is no doubt, then our task is to ensure the quality of further operations and strict control over them. Without modern equipment it may be harder to handle. So upgrading one of the strategic directions of development of our enterprise. In 2019, the main production of JSC "Sibkabel" had invested about 310 000 000 rubles, the volume of processed metal have increased by 15%," - said the Director of the enterprise Alexey Join.

With the acquisition of a new line at the plant was two cars rough drawing. Modern equipment is designed to meet advanced technology in the field of high-speed drawing of copper wire. Wire rod is processed at a speed up to 35 m per second, which is almost three times higher than on the old line. In addition, less time is required for the refilling machine is equipped with an automatic tightening device. Also among its advantages are a modern management system, the ability to quickly change nozzles (tool for pulling wire) and the automatic cleaning of the contact devices from contamination. Ultimately, all this affects the quality of wire and, accordingly, produktsii.

Also when crawling on the plant Igor Saturnia demonstrated the new high-speed twisting machines, running in operation in December 2019. Equipment installed in shop No. 6, which specializiruetsya on the production shaft and excavator cables.br>

"I would Like to thank the shareholders of the company "Sibkabel" for the planned development, which allows you to compete not only in Russia but also in the global market. Thanks to the acquired equipment the plant will be able to significantly increase performance. This work, we fully support and are always ready to lend a helping hand to the enterprises of the Tomsk region produced products of the world level", - said Deputy Governor Igor shaturny.

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