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Severstal rekonstruiruet aspiration unit of the Cherepovets metallurgical plant

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's leading vertically integrated
steel and mining companies, holds at Cherepovets.
metallurgical plant (CHerMK) the target program on replacement of gas
equipment and systems aspirations. Phased replacement of equipment will allow
to improve the condition of workers and reduce dust emissions in the atmospheric

According to General Director of "Severstal Russian steel"
Evgeny Vinogradov, currently at the Cherepovets steel mill identified a list of
environmental activities for the year 2020, and he's serious: "We'll announce in the near
the list of investment projects with environmental benefits, which are
planned for next year. This list is significant, it will continue large-scale
the program of technical re-equipment of the main production processing
steel plant. No less serious work ahead for the timely replacement of
existing aspiration and gas-cleaning equipment, the standard resource.
which comes to an end. The five projects started in the current year, one of
which will be completed in 2020 and the remainder in 2021".

In particular, in 2019 for reconstruction of electrostatic precipitator No. 1 system
cleaning aspiration air in the sintering plant No. 3. The event involves replacing the
ESP for a new one, with the parameters of the best available
technology. For this precipitator has reached the end of its regulatory resource,
dismantled. In its place is mounted the electric filter with exhaust fan
capacity of at least 245 thousand m3/h, residual dust content after
the electric precipitator will not exceed 30 mg/m3.

in addition, in 2019 the Cherepovets steel mill started the reconstruction of aspirations
transfer group No. 3 in the sintering production. Aspiration consists of
three systems ATA-3, ATA-4, ATA-5, which carry out clearing dust
working air conveyors, and air scrubbers. The project will be
installed a single exhaust system with cleaning apparatus – a filter
with a residual dust concentration of less than 10 mg/m3.

the program also envisages the construction of the suction system
by 2021 that allows you to remove the dusty air from the bunkers and validatation
body burden bunkers of sintering plant No. 3. At the moment the disqualification dusty
air is provided to the collector current aspiration systems HO-1 and 2.
the project will include installation of a separate system, which will
reduce the concentration of dust in the air of working zone.

in addition, in 2020 at the Cherepovets steel mill will implement the 5 major
investment projects for replacement of pollution control equipment and systems
aspirations. This is a reconstruction of electrostatic precipitator No. 2 system cleaning dusty
the air in the sintering plant No. 3 reconstruction of the dust collection system PU-51
cytopathological shop No. 2, technical re-equipment of gas purification
Converter # 2, the replacement of the aspiration systems at coal preparation plant.
Here in 2020 will replace the two vacuum systems in the offices of the
final crushing No. 1 and 2. In the event the aspiration system
will be replaced with a new cleaning system.

implementation of the planned measures will allow to reduce dust emissions to
the air for 281 ton. The expected reduction in the dust level
will improve working conditions for more than 40 jobs.

the Total cost of replacing gas-cleaning and aspiration.
equipment to 2019-2021 years will amount to 849 million rubles.

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