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"Severstal" develops a commissioning units online

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the staff of the Directorate of investment and major investment projects (includes
the division "Severstal Russian steel") with the support of JSC
"Severstal-Infokom" and electrical repair of production management repairs
carry out commissioning of the units in the online mode.

"the Current epidemiological situation makes the mobile to revise
the usual approaches to the implementation of investment initiatives. If before the start and
commissioning of the units was caused solely by physical presence
chief engineer, a representative of the supplier, now it is impossible. We
moved to the new format for commissioning of equipment in-line with
a video or remote access to the software of the unit. This
way we are currently implementing dozens of investment projects. All in order to
start units without lag behind deadlines and to the expected
effects", - said General Director of "Severstal Russian
steel" Evgenie Vinogradov.

For example, in steel production Cherepovets metallurgical plant (CHerMK,
is part of the division "Severstal Russian steel") is set to launch
a new probe that will measure temperature.
melt in the Converter and sampling during purge heat. Real
initiative in particular aims to increase daily amount of heats 82 to
86. Now employees of the steelmaking plant CHerMK, Directorate of
investment, management, repairs (part of "Severstal
Russian steel"), with the support of JSC "Severstal-Infokom" using
conferencing with a supplier of the main technological equipment,
company Daieli Corus B. V. (Netherlands), tune software

At the construction site of blast furnace No. 3 for operation already prepared
32-ton electric bridge crane, foundry court yard of own production.
the Employees of JSC "Intekhkom" (Moscow) with the support of experts of the Central
electrotechnical laboratory of the Directorate for the repairs through remote
access equipment configured elektrosetevogo crane.


electric bridge crane for the casting yard of a blast furnace №3 issued under
a large-scale crane of the program division "Severstal Russian steel". Working
the documentation was prepared by the specialists of OOO "Severstal-Project" (part of the division
"Severstal Russian steel"). Design documentation was developed in the
development center Directorate for repairs "Severstal Russian
steel", metal has been produced by the experts of the Engineering centre
"SSM-Tyazhmash" (included in division "Severstal Russian steel"). Delivery
electrical equipment performed JSC "Intekhkom" (Moscow). Work on the installation
cranes and commissioning under the leadership of the Directorate of major investment
the projects division's specialists have made Malls "Domnaremont" and "Promservis"
(included in division "Severstal Russian steel"), as well as Contracting

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