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Severstal introduces the big data technology and mathematical modeling methods to improve performance of equipment

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specialists of the company "Severstal" has developed a digital model, particularly for
speed control medium (technological) part of a continuous pickling
Assembly (NTA), No. 3 in the production of flat-rolled products of Cherepovets steel mill.

Using NTA No. 3 is more than half of the metal of Cherepovets steel mill coming in the shop
cold rolled. Currently, about 90% of the time, the unit is controlled by
using a digital model. It is expected that automatic task speed
real-time will improve the performance of NTA №3 not less than 5%.

the Development of the model was conducted by the staff of OOO "Severstal digital" (included in
PAO "Severstal"), together with the Center of technological development of production.
flat-rolled products of Cherepovets steel mill and the Center of the automated systems of the Directorate for the repairs.
(included in division "Severstal Russian steel").

"Efficient production of metal products today is impossible without digital
tools. The company digitized, more and more processes, more and more decisions
are taken on the basis of big data and mathematical models. New product
allows not only to significantly speed up production at one of the most
popular units, but also facilitates the operator's work. Now the employees
can pay maximum attention to product quality and safety",
said the General Director of "Severstal Russian steel"
Evgeny Vinogradov.

the continuous pickling unit No. 3 is designed to remove the layer of oxides with
the surface of the sheet formed by the hot rolling process of the metal. Metal
passes through the bath with a solution of hydrochloric acid. The head and tail section
of the unit are loop drives the strip that provide
the continuity of the technological process in the middle part of the NTA.

Previously, the speed control was exhibited once for each coil in
accordance with tabular values, which took into account the maximum possible
the etching rate and the thickness of the hire. In the process, the machine operator was able
to adjust the speeds. New model – school – manages
the speed of the unit, given in real time about a hundred parameters
NTA-3, and also input data about products. Among them – the length, width and thickness of the
coil, steel grade, temperature coiling metal and many others.

When a more precise setting the speed will decrease the load on the equipment and
technological process will become more stable. Plans to develop the model, which
will allow in real time to obtain data on the quality of pickling metal
system surface inspection strip and take them into account during production. Except
for this, the specialists of OOO "Severstal digital" will continue to improve the quality of the model
using the technology of reinforcement learning. Ready digital double
NTA-3, and the sequence of rolls for learning creates a
generative-adversarial network.

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