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The products of the company"spetsmontazh-2"

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The products of the company"spetsmontazh-2"

In any production plant and purchase of workwear and footwear is an essential process for the organization of safe working conditions. JSC PKF "spetsmontazh-2" is a network of specialized stores, the main specialization of which is the sale of workwear, tools, household goods and other products. To see the catalog online on the website. Here presents solutions focused on customers with different needs.

the Network of specialized stores "spetsmontazh-2"

At the heart of the range are products for industrial and manufacturing enterprises, and private companies and individuals. for More than 25 years the company has been supplying such products and offers favorable conditions for cooperation. She continues to hold a leading position on the market of goods of economic group, as well as working clothes.

company Catalog

For order placement, online enough to visit a virtual directory on the company website. Convenient and intuitive interface allows you to do this is quite simple. Customers can pay attention to the following product categories:

  • Clothes for all seasons (winter, summer).
    • Footwear and accessories.
      • headwear for use in summer and winter, as well as products for security.
        • Tools for hand protection (mitts and gloves in the range), as well as for hearing, vision.
          • electric and gasoline tool.
            • Electric and gas welding machines.
              • Household items for the home and work.
                • Tooling: drills, drills, canvases.
                  • Hand tools: planers, screwdrivers, saws, etc.
                    • Clothing for tourists, fishermen.

                    This is not the whole list of categories that are available for quick ordering. On the website you can study in detail the range and go to the checkout. All products in the catalog are of high quality and has certificates.

                    our Specialists can offer favorable conditions of ordering, delivery and payment of products. Periodically, you can monitor stock and purchase products at special prices.

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