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Entrance metal doors with noise insulation

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Entrance metal doors with noise insulation

The entrance doors to the apartment perform one of the important functions. As a kind of visiting card of every home, they also protect property. Therefore, their choice must be treated with full responsibility, giving preference to a trusted manufacturer and supplier. In Moscow entrance doors with noise insulation can be bought by becoming a client of the company "Doors Prestige ". Such metal door structures are able to get rid of outside sounds that come from the staircase.

Choice of soundproofed doors

Thanks to the convenient search form, you can choose the entrance doors that best meet the needs of customers. The site contains a catalog of door models for every taste and requirement. You can conduct a selection based on the following parameters:

  • Manufacturing company: "Labyrinth ", "Citadel ", "Condor " and others.
  • Finishes: powder coated, mirror, glass, forged.
  • Colors: white, gray, black, brown, etc.
  • Type of construction: standard, double-leaf, with thermal break.
  • Price range.

In addition, when choosing entrance doors with noise insulation, you must pay attention to the thickness of the metal sheet, interior and exterior finishes, type of seal, filler, fittings, additional protection, etc. Based on this, you can buy doors filled with mineral wool, polyurethane foam. As additional protection can be used armor plate, night valve, etc.

Ordering soundproofed entrance doors in Moscow

The online store has prepared favorable conditions for cooperation for all customers wishing to buy a metal door with noise insulation. In addition to a wide range of models, customers can benefit from shipping and installation services. Additional services of the company "Doors Prestige " also include expansion and reinforcement of the opening, welding, service. The entrance door model has a 1 year warranty.

To order the model you like, you can go to the site. There is an opportunity to get additional advice on purchasing models.

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