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BMK put ropes with polymer metallurgical enterprises

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Beloretsk metallurgical plant put the test batch of steel ropes with polymer Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant and "Izhstal" (included into Group "Mechel"). They are used on cranes.

BMK produced for metallurgical enterprises according to European standard new bosmediano the ropes of polymer-coated metal core. One of them with a diameter of 24 mm installed in the steelmaking plant "Izhstal" on the furnace the crane that loads the charge into the furnace. The other 22 mm in diameter hung electric bridge crane rolling shop №1 CMP, which is used for handling mill.

multi-strand ropes have greater flexibility and strength, increased technical resource and resistance to torsion around its axis. Moreover, due to their greater bearing surface reduces the surface tension as the rope and costly items of equipment: blocks and pulleys. The polymer coating prevents internal wire breaks, eliminates contact between the strands of a rope and a metal core. All this allows to increase the operational life of the product.

"the Plant from 2019 produce multi-strand ropes with high performance, including in the polymer. Our excavator ropes in plastics is already well proven to work at coal mines and mining. We are expanding the scope of their application today, and explore how they manifest themselves in the crane equipment in metallurgy", – said General Director of JSC "BMK" Sergei Fedorov.


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