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Hydraulic pumps and cylinders for construction equipment

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Hydraulic pumps and cylinders for construction equipment

Quite a number of pieces of equipment used, road construction companies, because of the specific nature of their activities solely during the summer period. In connection:

  • With the absence of measures of conservation.
    • the presence of a large depreciation.
      • Not timely maintenance.

      the hydraulic equipment simply fails at the first test runs after the winter sludge. The most popular spare parts of machinery imported in this case:

      • Hydraulic pump Assembly.
        • Hydraulic cylinder.
          • Repair kits (seals, collars, seals).

          And an additional problem is that every manufacturer of special equipment provides for the replacement of parts of hydraulic attachments exclusively on the original components that remained to be found.

          Appeal to the official vendor

          it is Clear that the purchase parts machinery by sending a request to the manufacturer, for example, Japan or North Korea is almost impossible simply for technical reasons. The purchase and installation of counterfeit parts, especially those as complex as a hydraulic pump or the hydraulic cylinders can lead to a serious accident during the production process. The most practical way - an appeal to the official supplier, which is LLP “Hartex”. In addition, for the convenience of customers and buyers on its official website:

            • There is an online catalogue with name and detailed specifications of available parts to specific vehicles of a certain manufacturer.
              • Provided by the application form, if required by the customer item is not in the catalog. To populate you need to specify special equipment and brand name parts.

          In case of any issues the buyer can use the feedback from the technical Manager. Specialist will advise and assist with the selection or preparation of the application. Registration and confirmation on the website for this is not required.

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