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Spare parts and components for pumps

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Spare parts and components for pumps

After the intensive operation of the suburban pump used to supply water from a well, well or reservoir, it is not worth it rashly, relying on the quality of a well-known manufacturer to send it for storage until next season. Revision:

  • Check the integrity of the housing and cover.
  • Set the wear rate of rotating parts.
  • Clean the working chambers from dirt.

Better now without any rush. In case of defects or malfunctions, you can buy the necessary components and spare parts for the pump using the online catalog https://agroplast.ua/ru_RU/c/Spare parts for pumps/68 by Agroplast »Producing them using its own production facilities and supplying them from enterprises of well-known European manufacturers.

Checkout and delivery to any location in the country

Access to the catalog posted on the official website of the Agroplast company is free for everyone and does not require any prior registration. Simple functionality and a resource search engine allow you to quickly find the desired part or assembly unit for a specific type of pump. For ease of search, all product names are accompanied by:

  • The official name used in engineering reference books.
  • Detailed technical and dimensional description.
  • Crisp color photographs from multiple angles.

Checkout is carried out directly on the site. Despite the fact that the company is located on the territory of a neighboring state, customers are guaranteed fast and accurate delivery. Sending is carried out on the day of ordering by postal or courier service, which is chosen by the client.

All Agroplast products are guaranteed of compliance with the technical parameters stated in the description and of impeccable quality. Using the direct purchase of goods from a direct manufacturer, the user immediately receives two significant advantages - a guaranteed low price, the opportunity to receive discounts and participate in promotions as a regular customer (the option can be used immediately after making the first purchase).

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