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Metalloinvest invests more than RUB 21 billion in Environmental program

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Metalloinvest invests more than RUB 21 billion in Environmental program

Company metalloinvest, a leading manufacturer and supplier of iron ore products and HBI in the world market, one of the regional producers of high quality steel, adopted the Environmental programme for 2020-2025

"a Responsible attitude to the protection of the environment is one of the key priorities of the Company, - said General Director UK "metalloinvest" Andrey Varichev. Is an integral part of our business strategy based on sustainable development principles. Every year we invest billions of rubles in the implementation of best available technologies. Environmental program allows us to build up long-term work in this area. Our goal is to minimize the impact on the environment, to ensure efficient use of natural resources, to be among the leaders in eco-efficiency of production processes in the global steel industry".

the Program envisages investment of more than $ 21 billion in complex technological and environmental activities with a "direct" effect on all the production sites of metalloinvest. 70% of the program budget will be the project "Clean air", aimed at improving air quality.

Along with the implementation of a priority project, the Environmental program envisages the projects of "Green metallurgy/implementation and achievement of BAT", "Clean water", "Zero waste", "Clean land" and "Biodiversity and protected areas", "Ecological monitoring", "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions", "Recycling/efficient use of resources, Development of R & d functions to reduce the impact on the environment", "improving the environmental situation in the regions", "Ecological culture, education, staff training", "Environmental management".

the Key objectives of the Environmental program, by 2025:

    • reduction of atmospheric emissions by 7%;

      • full transfer of Mikhailovsky GOK and OEMK in the closed water recycling system - eliminating discharges of waste waters into water objects;

        • a phased transition Lebedinsky GOK to a closed water recycling system - reduction of wastewater discharges by 50% (on JSC Ural Steel operates a closed water recycling system that eliminates the discharge of wastewater);

          • 100% recycling of waste and materials (excluding overburden and tailing of the Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK);

            • a reduction of 33% of the volume of formation overburden Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky GOK in the construction of conveyor systems;

              • a reduction of 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) consumers of iron ore of metalloinvest.

              targets of the programme will be specified according to the results of independent environmental auditing in 2020.

              the Implementation of the Environmental programme will reduce:

                • specific emissions of greenhouse gases in the production of pellets;

                  • specific emissions in the beneficiation of iron ore;

                    • water consumption from surface sources;

                      • the volume of formation and placement of industrial wastes.

                      In year:

                        • modernization of gas cleaning equipment in the pelletizing plant of the Lebedin Mining;

                          • technical re-equipment of gas purification drying drum crushing-and-sorting factory of Mikhailovsky GOK;

                            • reconstruction and construction of gas cleaning equipment at Ural Steel; modernization and development of water recycling systems Lebedinsky, Mikhailovsky GOK and OEMK;

                              • construction of additional treatment plants at Lebedinsky GOK;

                                • other projects.

                                Important elements of the program – reducing the carbon intensity of production, improving the efficiency of dust and gas cleaning installations, biodiversity conservation, land reclamation, strengthening of control of environmental quality (creation of systems of automatic control of emissions, stationary and mobile laboratories for environmental monitoring).

                                under the program, the Company will continue comprehensive development projects in the field of environmental protection in the cities of presence (environmental cleanups, planting trees/shrubs, waste collection, etc.).

                                Also implemented activities for the development of ecological culture and training of personnel, improve the efficiency of the control system in the field of environmental protection.


                                the company uses in the production of advanced technologies, including direct reduction iron and smelting of steel in electric furnaces, allowing to minimize the impact on the environment. In the period 2007-2018. the amount of gross emissions decreased by 24%.

                                the Company is also constantly increasing output of high quality (in particular, hot briquetted iron and premium pellets), which helps consumers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production of steel.

                                In 2018, the company received debut corporate social responsibility "Silver" level from an international company EcoVadis. The results to date ranking in 2019 the Company's rating has improved by 3 points to 60 points at the average industry score of 43. The company entered into 12% of the best companies in the world, rated by EcoVadis. Moreover, among producers metalloresurs and steel Company is among the 8% best on the criterion "environment".

                                In 2019, the company took 4th place in the Rating of openness of the mining and metallurgical companies (operating in Russia), organized by the world wildlife Fund in Russia.

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