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Ordering the sliding gate

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Ordering the sliding gate

plant automation for the gate greatly simplifies the process of entering the car. You do not need to personally get out of the car to open the gate. Convenience, simplicity of design, reliability and practicality here are the main features of an automatic gate at the background of competitors. If you don't know where to buy best sliding gates, refer to the online shop "Automation+". Here you can buy automation for gates high quality at affordable prices.


features of operation of the sliding gate

In the case where could not install swing gate mechanism, sliding design helps. Sliding gates feature a special design that allows free space near the opening. Their main advantages include:

  • Versatility. Thanks to the convenient design, these gates have found wide application not only in private houses, dachas and cottages, but also in industrial facilities. Their installation greatly facilitates the entry of machinery and trucks.
    • option to save space. The installation of such gates in dense housing is the most optimal solution.
      • Simplicity and ease of use of the system to the sliding gate.
        • High performance period. The use of reliable and durable components, automation components, prolong the service life of the mechanisms. Therefore, these gates can be used for a long period without the need to perform maintenance.
          • Attractive appearance. The basic material used in the decking or siding, which has a high aesthetic properties. Therefore, these gates give presentable and have a finished appearance.

          Custom sliding doors in the online store "Automation+"

          Turning to the experts of the company, you can order your desired technical parameters and dimensions of the sliding gate. They are implemented with a guarantee from the manufacturer. You can order not only the gate but also the automation for them. There is a possibility to order delivery to different Ukrainian cities. Delivery time of 1-3 days.

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