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"Severstal" became the winner of the Customer eXperience World Awards

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the Company "Severstal" took first place in the nomination "the Best customer
experience in the B2B" among the industrial companies of the international award Customer
eXperiece World Awards. Also, the jury of the award expressed his high approval
in the category "Project changes, the CX business transformation", which is equal
for the winner to third place. Ceremony online ceremony was held on 14
may. It included 82 best companies in the industry of customer experience
22 nominations.

Director of marketing and improving customer experience PAO "Severstal" Maria
Shalina, receiving the award, said:

"I thank the jury Customer eXperiece World Awards for the high appraisal
performance of the company "Severstal", aimed at ensuring customers
an excellent customer experience. The award certainly serves as a useful platform
to exchange practices and views on the further development of the industry of the client
experience. All we are not only sellers but also consumers
a huge number of products and services, and can easily confirm the trend on
klientoorientirovannosti. Now it is not enough to offer the customer a quality
product with convenient logistics, it is also important to ensure seamless, maximum
comfortable and pleasant for the client interaction, so we often hear
about the approach HumaToHuma. The sophisticated details and the quality of human
relationships are beginning to play an increasingly important role in the selection, as the store at
home and long-term business partner."

Providing customers a perfect customer experience is one of the
key priorities in the updated strategy "Severstal". Currently
the company is in transition from productcentric to clientcentric
business models, redesign business processes, value chain
product, and based on the needs of clients in search of new opportunities for
improving the efficiency of their business.

Clientcentric positioning involves working to improve
service, quality and discipline of deliveries and create a unique shopping
sentences in the target markets. For effective interaction with customers in
the three priority sectors: "Construction", "Energy" and "engineering"
the company introduced the formation of teams using the agile approach. So
now the partner in contact with Severstal through one
multi-function mini team, which includes representatives of various
services and even assets.

Focus on the priority "Excellent customer experience" have enabled the company
to maintain the positive dynamics of factors of customer satisfaction, according to
according to an independent annual audit of customer loyalty "Severstal". In the
whole, the index of customer loyalty (NPS) grew in 2019 in relation to the
past year from 58% to 61%.

"Severstal" improving the process of obtaining feedback from customers.
If the feedback collection was retrospective, it is now being
work on fixing the customer experience in real time on the key
stages of interaction with him. Currently piloted several types of
new polls.

special attention is paid to the fact that it puts the client in the concept:
"quality", "service" and "delivery discipline". In particular, the study
found that customers appreciate the discipline, supplies in addition to timely
shipments, on the following factors: the completeness and speed of order confirmation
timely information about changes the transparency of the logistics process of
time for additional logistics operations.

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