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"Izhstal" certified rail

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The plant "Izhstal" (enters into Group "Mechel") beginning in 2020 has delivered to customers around 5.4 thousand tons of conductor rail.

the Contact rails are used in the construction of new and modernization of existing lines of the Moscow subway. In 2019 assumption set for the construction of the Moscow metro of nearly 6 thousand tons of rails.

Besides Moscow, of interest to the contact rails production "Izhstal" have shown consumers from other Russian cities where building and repair of underground lines, including Kazan and St. Petersburg.

the Plant received the certificate of conformity for the supply of the contact rail and the permission to apply a special mark confirming compliance with all standards and specifications in its production. The audit was conducted by specialists of the System of voluntary certification for car products. They inspected the rolling mill and the Central factory laboratory, participated in the testing of samples of contact rails, estimated its packaging and labeling.

the Auditors came to the conclusion that the process of production of a contact rail on "Izhstal" fully meets all technical requirements. By results of check the factory-issued certificate and the permission to apply to the contact rail special sign of quality.

"Our contact rails are becoming more popular in the market. This is not surprising: previously, they could only be purchased abroad. A certificate of compliance will strengthen consumer confidence in our products and will expand the geography of deliveries", – said sales Director of PJSC "Izhstal" Andrian Sorokin.


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