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MMK modernizing blast furnace No. 2

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In accordance with the program of major repairs since February 2020 MMK started technical re-equipment of blast furnace No. 2. The upgrade will increase the performance of the second blast furnace. In addition, it reduced specific consumption of coke, which will give a significant economic effect. Thanks to the aspiration systems will decrease dust emissions. The total investment in the modernisation of the furnace will exceed 5 billion rubles.
during a scheduled upgrade plan to dismantle and replace all the elements of the old furnace and upgrade the cooling system. The transfer will be made cooling a blast furnace with the vertical potovyh of iron on copper refrigerators horizontal refrigerators in the area of shoulders and blast zone. This design feature for cooling the blast furnace has been applied at MMK in the reconstruction of the first blast furnace in 2018. Delivery of the equipment cooling system of the second blast furnace was carried out by the Luxembourg company Paul Wurth. After the modernization, the furnace will be besmirching design.
an Important element of technical re-equipment of the second blast furnace in Magnitogorsk – the reconstruction of the casting yards with the system of closed grooves and casting yards aspiration and shihtopodachi. The main technological equipment for production of pig iron and slag will be replaced with modern hydraulic Gornoye machine production company "Dneprogidromash" (machines for opening, closing notches and a manipulator). Previously, similar equipment was installed in four blast furnaces of MMK. Main Gornoye gutters will have convective cooling and increase in size, which will improve the separation of iron and slag. Lining transport of the troughs will be made of refractory concrete. In addition, the trough will be equipped with a cover device aspiration. Thanks to the dust production "Dneprogidromash" capacity of 850 thousand cubic meters per hour, significantly reduced the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, will improve the conditions of work gornovyh.
the General contractor performs technical re-equipment of JSC "prokatmontazh". Currently, the furnace lining is completed, the horn and began assembling the copper coolers of the company Paul Wurth. Built a new water treatment system for the cooling system. The willingness of the Western foundry yard today is about 90% finished here the construction and installation works, the installation of the equipment. On the East the casting yard under construction. As part of the work in machine room, we are installing a new skip winch of the company Paul Wurth. The assembling of the system of aspiration of the casting yard at the moment is about 75%. Left mount of the ducts and sum power. The willingness of aspiration of shihtopodachi is approximately 95%, is mounted pipework to the point of dusting, carried out electrical work on connecting the control valves of the air intake. Commissioning works on the heaters for the production of heating.
the Second MMK blast furnace was commissioned in June 1932, a few months after the commissioning of blast furnace No. 1. It was called the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in commemoration of the heroic work of hundreds of Komsomol members working on the construction of Magnitogorsk. In March 1931, the Bureau of the Magnitogorsk Komsomol district Committee appealed to the leadership of Magnitogorsk with the request to entrust the construction of the second blast furnace of the district Komsomol organization. Hundreds of young enthusiasts responded to the call of the Komsomol, and arrived in Magnitogorsk to participate in the construction of the Komsomol-youth blast furnace. Thus was born one of the first all-Union shock Komsomol construction projects. Subsequently, the furnace was repeatedly reconstructed, most recently in 2000, when it was virtually rebuilt. Today, the internal volume of the furnace is 1380 cubic meters, capacity of approximately 3,800 tons of cast iron per day. In 2010, the second blast furnace was installed the bell-less charging device of the production of Paul Wurth.
Department of information and public relations of OJSC "MMK"

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