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A school was reconstructed and an ice arena built in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

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A school was reconstructed and an ice arena built in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk Region)

On May 8, in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Yevgeny Kuyvashev and General Director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn inspected the building of the newly built new building of School No. 25. company on the site of the 1957 building.

Children are already studying in a three-story modern building from 1 to 11 grades. When the second stage of the school is completed (the estimated date is December 2020), high school students will move there.

The new building has a comprehensive security system, consisting of 67 CCTV cameras, fire and burglar alarms, as well as turnstiles at the entrance ... The school has ramps, lifts, lifting platforms and special toilets for children with disabilities. Equipment worth 2 million rubles was purchased for students with hearing impairments.

The medical block houses a pediatrician's office, vaccination and treatment rooms. The school library took up two floors, as did the dining room. In the dining room, 315 students will be able to eat at the same time, seven seats are equipped for children with limited mobility. For sports, a full-fledged stadium with a gymnastic town is provided. Inside the school there are two universal and one gym, as well as a room for exercise therapy. A whole section is dedicated to chess lessons. In addition, the school has created a training ground for training for robotics competitions and a road intersection, where children will learn the rules of the road in practice. The stay of extended day groups became the most comfortable. The school has equipped bedrooms for sleep-hours, offices with relaxation chairs. There is a dry ball pool and an interactive lab.

Upon completion of the construction of all buildings , the area of ​​secondary school № 25 will increase almost 6 times - up to 40 thousand square meters. meters. The educational institution will be one of the largest in the region - it will take an entire block. 1700 children will be able to study in one shift.

Another object visited by Evgeny Kuyvashev and Andrey Kozitsyn was the Small Ice Arena in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, built with the financial support of Uralelectromed JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex). The new sports facility is the second stage of the Ice Sports Palace, built in 2018.

The Small Arena is a three-story building with an area of ​​2.15 thousand square meters. meters. On the first floor there is an ice rink measuring 30x15 meters. 25 athletes will be able to train on the field at the same time. On the 2nd floor there are administrative offices, a classroom and a gym. There are 3 changing rooms, a dryer, a cloakroom and a coaching room. On the 3rd floor there is a training hall for throwing equipment, which is a synthetic field measuring 12.5x10 meters, as well as a gym and 4 changing rooms, allowing another 25 athletes to train. The entrance lobbies of the building on the ground floor are equipped with ramps for unimpeded access for people with disabilities.

The Small Ice Arena will operate in one shift for 12 hours all year round with a short technical break.

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