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Classic Blackjack Rules at Yellowclub

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Classic Blackjack Rules at Yellowclub

Unlike the simplest electronic slots with rotating reels, where the game is only in luck, which the club's client is trying to grab, repeatedly pressing the "Start" button, absolutely not being able to use their intellectual abilities, card "layouts" imply the presence at least:

  • Mathematical mindset.
  • Composure and endurance.
  • Skills of a professional psychologist.

And such a game as Blackjack, in which these qualities are especially important for victory (winning), is especially popular and is available today in online format on the official casino website Yellowclub . The institution has a high attendance due to the presence of precisely the classic North American rules used for the parties. They differ significantly from the usual conditions for our compatriots, which are present in "21-o" (point). They should be studied before visiting the club so as not to lose your honestly earned money on mistakes.

Game features in Blackjack

You should immediately understand that to play Blackjack, up to 8 decks of 52 (not 32 like ours) cards in each can be used simultaneously, each having a unique (one in each deck) classification by rank and suit. The Poker Joker is not used in these decks. A network of 7 players can sit at the table at the same time, and the distribution (including himself) is carried out by the "banning" (casino employee):

  • The deal occurs in a circle, starting from the player's left of the banning player.
  • The deal is carried out 1 card per circle up to 2 cards in total to each.
  • The banker opens his 2nd card, giving a kind of head start to his opponents.

The banker indicates the initial bet, whether each player decides to support it or not, but must announce his decision by voice. Now about the features:

  • The player has 2 cards in total up to 16 points inclusive - he must take the 3rd card without fail.
  • The total amount of points is between 17 and 20 - an additional card cannot be requested.

Otherwise, this game is played according to the usual scheme. You can bluff, the last player remaining at the table becomes the winner (all the others said “pass”) or the player who had the most points in total at showdown, but not more than 21, the excess is automatic elimination from the party. So, the rules are quite simple, but you should remember about them and, most importantly, be sure to follow them.

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