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Real estate leasing for individuals

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Real estate leasing for individuals

Real estate leasing for individuals: what is it The essence of the service is that the client (individual) concludes an agreement with a leasing company for the purchase of specific real estate, after which the latter buys out the apartment and the developer or owner, if the transaction is made on the secondary market, and transfers it to the client for rent.

The tenant makes the monthly payments specified in the contract in exchange for the use of housing. At first glance, real estate leasing for individuals is similar to a regular lease, but differs from it in one important detail. The lease agreement does not provide for the transfer of ownership of the apartments, but the lease agreement does.

After paying the lease payments, the apartment becomes the property of the tenant.

There are three types of residential property leasing for individuals:

  • operative - real estate here remains the property of the lessor and increases its fixed assets, while the tenant can purchase the premises only after all payments under the contract are paid;
  • financial - after signing the contract, the premises become the property of the lessee, which gives him the right to make depreciation write-offs of the building and become the full owner after the last payment is paid;
  • returnable - under the agreement, it is the lessee who transfers the ownership of the property to the lessor, but reserves the right to use the premises.

Residential property leasing for individuals - this is an opportunity to purchase any housing with a shortage of own funds, without contacting the bank and without reducing your own creditworthiness.

Who should buy an apartment on lease? Buying real estate on lease is an opportunity for individuals to purchase their own home, especially for those who have no chance of getting a bank mortgage. In addition, leasing is beneficial in terms of taxation.

The operational type of service allows you to include in the composition of expenses most of the costs: down payment, rent payments, operating costs, while financial leasing allows you to deduct depreciation from payments.

Another plus of leasing real estate for individuals is that it does not affect creditworthiness. Therefore, the lessee can also apply for a mortgage loan, for example, to buy a second apartment.

The company "ESKA Capital" offers to buy an apartment on lease on very favorable terms:

  • advance payment from 35% in hryvnia;
  • the term of the contract is from 1 to 5 years;
  • financing in euros or US dollars;
  • individual payment schedule.

Learn more about leasing of residential real estate for individuals on the ESKA Capital website by contacting the company's manager by phone 044-228-88-58, via the feedback form or in the online chat.

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