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Inhibitor to protect pipelines from internal corrosion

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Inhibitor to protect pipelines from internal corrosion

Despite the introduction of new innovative materials that are resistant to corrosion, metal and even cast iron pipes are still widely used in the construction of pipelines. This is motivated by a number of technical and economic reasons, but the issue of their protection from premature destruction does not become less relevant over time. Presented at the link https://ingibitory.ru/production/ingibitory-korrozii/dlya-vodooborotnykh-sistem/sp-v-10k.html a special inhibitor IP-B-10K allows you to very effectively solve this problem. Its main purpose is protection of pipelines against internal corrosion . The processing procedure can be performed in 2 ways.

Protecting new products prior to installation

The inner surface of steel or cast iron pipes in advance, in a warehouse or directly at the installation site in a pipeline, is treated with an inhibitor solution, which:

  • Supplied by the manufacturer in a sealed plastic container.
  • It is a concentrate that needs to be diluted with plain water immediately before use.

The concentration of the active substance can be from 2 to 10%, depending on the steel grade of the pipe and its operating conditions. After processing, the product should be put into operation no earlier than 3 days later.

Adding inhibitor to the existing pipeline system

Processing will require accurate data on the volumes of the pipeline system or specific area. The pipeline is filled with water with an inhibitor added to it at the rate of 0.5 - 1.5% concentration. With continuous circulation for 72 hours, it will provide protection of the inner surface against corrosion for at least 24 months.

Inhibitor IP-V-10K belongs to the category of biodegradable substances and does not require the use of measures for disposal. After use, the "waste" is drained into a regular sewer system. You can get more information and order a concentrate of an anti-corrosion agent using the official website of a company that produces it on an industrial scale using its own technology.

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