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Electricity tariffs 2020

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Electricity tariffs 2020

Payment for the services of the housing and communal complex is an expedient measure for every resident of Russia. All payments must be made on time without delay. One of the most common types of utility bills is electricity. Before making a payment, it is very important to know the current rates for the current year. If you are interested in

Electricity Tariffs

The convenient interface of the service allows you to search for the necessary information about tariffs quickly enough. All regions are presented here in alphabetical order. A list of provinces and cities is available, each providing detailed data on electricity tariffs.

Types of electricity tariffs

After choosing a region, you can go to view the current tariffs. Based on this, you can pay attention to the following types of tariffs:

  • For the population who lives in urban areas.
  • For the population living in cities in houses with electric stoves.
  • For those living in rural areas.
  • For consumers who have been equated to the population.

For the above categories of consumers, you can get the most accurate information about tariffs.

When examining tariffs, it is very important to pay attention to the first and second half of 2020, since the tariffs are different for these time periods. It is also very important to clarify in advance which type of tariff applies to you: one-rate, differential in three or two time zones. Information about this is also available on the page with the selected region.

Thus, the Power Grids of Russia service will allow everyone living in the Russian Federation to fill out a receipt for payment of electricity for the reporting period as quickly and correctly as possible. Due to the fact that all regions are presented in alphabetical order, even a first-time visitor to the site will be able to find the desired city. For more information on tariffs for 2020, you can go to the service website.

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