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Technical check of a stainless steel chimney

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Technical check of a stainless steel chimney

In order for heating equipment using gas or any other solid type of fuel to serve as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to install and maintain a chimney in a timely manner. Unlike conventional steel, stainless steel has its own advantages and benefits. Chimneys from a manufacturer in Tver purchased on the website https://dimohodisteel.ru/ will be reliable an attribute of the heating system, if you adhere to simple operating rules.

Simple care rules

The following recommendations are time-tested and guarantee a positive result:

  1. It is necessary to physically clean the chimney before lighting it up after a long period of inactivity. During the time, foreign objects could get into the pipes that could negatively affect the operation of the heating equipment.
  2. Give up the idea of ​​getting rid of garbage by burning it in a furnace. It is especially dangerous to burn plastic waste.
  3. Coniferous firewood in its structure contains resins that can not completely burn and settle on the inner walls of the chimney. Discard them.
  4. Intermittent burning with aspen wood produces an especially high flame, it is able to effectively clean the chimney from soot.

Stainless steel is not prone to deterioration from corrosion. But, this does not mean that the chimney does not need to be inspected for other damage. Minor breakdowns noticed in a timely manner are much easier to fix than to carry out a full-fledged overhaul later.

Repair of stainless steel chimney

If during the inspection a corrosion center or other minor malfunction was identified, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate the consequences. It is imperative to find out the reasons for their appearance so that they do not repeat in the future. We recommend sticking to the following algorithm:

- disassemble the part of the chimney where the problem area was found;

- clean up from traces of corrosion or other unnecessary deposits;

- if cracks or holes appear during operation, temporarily seal them with improvised means;

- clean the chimney section from soot;

- restore the integrity of the chimney by sealing the joints with a special compound.

With proper installation and seasonal maintenance, a stainless steel chimney can work for several decades before the first signs of natural wear and tear begin to appear. In addition, the installation and replacement of a separate part does not cause technical difficulty.

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