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"Severstal" became a part of the innovation consortium I2B Russia

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"Severstal" – one of the largest vertically integrated steel
and mining companies joined the consortium Iovatio-to-Busiess (I2B)
– Russia, which currently heads the largest French
energy company EDF (Électricité de Frace). The group members
will be able to exchange experience with open innovation together
to work initiatives, and launch innovative enterprises.

a consortium of I2B In Russia along with "Severstal" includes such companies as
"Gazpromneft", S7, "KAMAZ", X5, MTS, SUEK, SIBUR, Alfa-Bank, group "Ilim"
Micheli and the group "Etalon". The consortium assumes equal
the cooperation will take place on several levels. In addition to sharing
best practices in the field of business innovation and discuss the relevance of this or
a startup for the Russian market participants will be able to develop a joint
products, to launch pilot projects, and together to invest in

At the regular meetings the participants I2B Russia choose the topic of project,
relevant to most: for example, innovation in logistics or industrial
the Internet of things. The company's present projects that are in their portfolio and
need improvement – increased investments, scaling to new
markets or international level. During the discussion the participants
offer ideas for development, assess the applicability of technologies in their field and
decide on further cooperation with interested startup.

"Company "Severstal" has successfully used open innovation instruments. With
through our website iovatios.severstal.com we attracted over 150 applications
startups. Using the first wave accelerator SteelTech has been more than 200
innovative teams, with 9 of them we continued to work. In 2020, we typed
already more than 500 applications. Recently "Severstal" has entered the top three companies that are
most effectively work with open innovation at a Startup
Barometer. Joining the I2B consortium Russia is not only able
to learn the best practices of companies from different industries and share
their experience, but also a chance to reach a new level of cooperation from
start-UPS," commented Director of Business development-system
"Severstal" Dmitry Gorbachev.

Company EDF has launched several similar initiatives abroad – US I2B, I2B
Spai and others.

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