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MMK-METIZ robotizes business processes

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The contract between the companies for the provision of services for the robotization of business processes was concluded at the beginning of this year. By joint efforts using the author's methodology for identifying the processes of the RPA Competence Center and Innovations, processes were selected for pilot implementation. The first process affecting the production area is “Uploading data on the tests of finished products to the corporate information system (CIS)”. Within the framework of the project, a software RPA robot will be developed, which records data on the completed tests of finished products from a network folder in the CIS, which will significantly reduce labor costs. The robot will be able to do the work, for which two people were involved, thereby saving the time of specialized specialists for solving more creative and important tasks. The second process - "Preparation of documents for registration of temporary movements of employees and combining professions (positions)" - is implemented in the group of the department of labor and wages. Within the framework of the project, a software RPA robot will be developed, which in automatic mode (without human intervention) will speed up the process of forming documents during temporary movements and combinations of professions (positions), which will help eliminate errors related to the human factor, as well as switch employees from monotonous work to tasks requiring direct human participation. According to a preliminary estimate based on data received from specialists of OJSC MMK-METIZ, the labor intensity of the process is 344 man-hours per month and the implementation of a software robot will completely free up these labor costs. The robotization of these business processes in OJSC MMK-METIZ is planned complete before the end of this year. A large-scale project is planned for 2021 to identify processes at the hardware and calibration plant that are suitable for the use of software robots with the subsequent robotization of these processes. Development of RPA technology in the PJSC MMK Group is taking place as part of the implementation of the strategic initiative Industry 4.0, which provides for the comprehensive digitalization of business -processes to improve production efficiency. For these purposes, in July 2018, the RPA Competence and Innovation Center was established at MMK-Informservice LLC. The framework of the software robotization project includes the main functional areas: finance and economics, accounting, supply and logistics, personnel and personnel. The plans for the development of this area are intended to cover all divisions of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. Today, several dozen RPA software robots are in commercial operation. The integration of software robotization and technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and NLP (natural language processing methods) allows MMK to use RPA software robots to solve increasingly complex problems. Information and Public Relations Administration of PJSC MMK
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