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A new children's clinic opened in Kirovgrad

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A new children's clinic opened in Kirovgrad

Kirovgrad (Sverdlovsk region)

A new children's polyclinic was opened in Kirovgrad, built with the assistance of the UMMC. The opening ceremony of a new medical institution, designed for 150 visits per shift, was attended by the Minister of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region Andrey Karlov, the commercial director of the UMMC Igor Kudryashkin, the head of the Kirovgrad city district Alexander Oskin, the chairman of the KGO Duma Vladimir Bagin, the chief physician of the Kirovgrad central city hospital Larisa Borisenko.

The decision to build a children's polyclinic in Kirovgrad was made by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Evgeny Kuyvashev. The estimated cost of the facility and its equipment was 269 million rubles.

- As a pediatrician, I would like to give a high assessment to the constructed children's clinic, - said Andrey Karlov. - All conditions have been created here so that you can get medical care without going to the regional center.

As noted by the head of the Kirovgrad city district, Alexander Oskin, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company played an important role at the initial stage of construction.

- The design and implementation of the state examination was carried out at the expense of Uralelectromed JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex), as well as UMMC, - said Alexander Oskin.

Commercial Director of UMMC, Honorary Citizen of the Kirovgrad city district Igor Kudryashkin warmly congratulated those present on the significant event and handed the chief doctor of the Kirovgrad Central City Hospital Larisa Borisenko the keys to the new ambulance car. The car is equipped with all the necessary equipment for transportation and provision of primary medical care.

Building children's clinic with an area of ​​3233 sq. meter is located on the territory of the Kirovgrad hospital town. The institution has implemented the concept of "Lean Clinic", the main goal of which is to make visiting a doctor convenient and comfortable for all participants in the process. In particular, an open registration and call center work was organized. Separation and navigation of patients will be carried out using electronic queue management. Optimization of preventive examinations of children is provided, in particular, biomaterial for laboratory research can be taken without going through the "adult" stream. In addition, the building has a vestibule with a warm and closed stroller.

The children's clinic has taken into account all the requirements for visiting children with limited mobility. There is a separate point for the reception and delivery of baby food, bypassing the flow of patients.

In order to improve the provision of medical care to children and increase its availability, the children's polyclinic provides for such units as filter boxes for providing emergency medical care, pediatric a department with 5.5 sections, a consultative and diagnostic department, a rehabilitation treatment department, which includes a room for speleotherapy (treatment with salt aerosols), rooms for electric, light, heat, mud therapy and massage.

a complex of medical and psychological social assistance for the problems of preserving health due to the specifics of adolescence on the principles of voluntariness, accessibility and benevolence.

A “child's vision protection room” was re-organized, and a modern vaccination room was organized in the “healthy zone”. For a comfortable stay of mothers with newborn babies, a room for feeding and hygiene of the baby is equipped.

The children's polyclinic will receive doctors of the following specializations: district pediatrician, children's surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, children's urologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist-narcologist, children's dentist, gynecologist, physiotherapist, as well as functional diagnostics doctors.

All classrooms are equipped in accordance with current standards. Workplaces are provided with the technical and software ability to work in the medical information system, to maintain electronic document management.

To disinfect class "B" and "C" waste and bring them to class "A", a waste management site has been organized.

The work of the designers made it possible to create conditions for a comfortable and friendly stay of children with their parents in the new children's clinic.

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