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UMMC Group and Sberbank expand cooperation

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UMMC Group and Sberbank expand cooperation

September 3, 2020.

Sberbank PJSC and Siberia-Polymetals JSC (part of the UMMC Group) have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for high-tech development and digitalization of the Company based on the use of products and services of the Sberbank ecosystem.

Within the framework of this Agreement, it is planned to develop various systems and implement solutions to improve the efficiency of work (including mining transport), to predict the load and optimize repair plans and maintenance of pumping equipment, to optimize the technological processes of grinding sections and flotation section, and other IT and technological solutions.

“The agreement signed with the UMMC Group today became a logical continuation of our long-standing partnership. Sberbank is well aware of the needs of key customers and strives to offer solutions not only within the framework of optimizing traditional business, but also services for digital transformation. Now our client - UMMC Group - will be able to use high-tech services and products of Sberbank ecosystem companies to improve production efficiency and further development of the company, ”said Alexey Grenkov, Vice President, Director of Key Clients Department of Sberbank.

“It is very interesting for us to reach a new level of interaction with one of the most high-tech banks and one of our key partner banks. Now, together with Sberbank, we are developing a number of strategic projects for the UMMC Group. In addition to the financial sector, the experience of interaction with Sberbank in the field of high-tech solutions is very important for us, because this will allow the UMMC Group to replicate effective solutions and maintain an advantageous position in a very competitive environment, "commented Andrey Kozitsyn, General Director of UMMC.

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