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Reception of scrap metal in Sochi

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Reception of scrap metal in Sochi

In any country house or garage, as a rule, unnecessary metal products, devices and structures that have served their time are stored. It is unlikely that they will ever be useful to you. Nevertheless, when putting them in for scrap, you can learn a good profit, especially if a really large pile has accumulated. If you are interested in accepting Sochi metal , there is a favorable offer. Find out about the terms of cooperation on the company's website.

Scrap Metal Delivery: Key Features

  • There is a flexible pricing policy for all services.
  • Possibility to order the dismantling of metal structures, followed by removal and delivery.
  • A wide range of services in terms of loading and unloading operations, starting with the departure of the team to the site, dismantling and loading of scrap and ending with removal to the collection point.
  • Availability of our own vehicle fleet of special equipment for the convenience of cooperation.
  • Possibility of delivery of any batch: from 1 kilogram.
  • Fair weight guarantee.

Reception of scrap metal in Sochi

Turning to experienced professionals in their field in Sochi, you can get a full range of services for the removal of scrap metal in any quantity. All this will allow not only to free the territory from unnecessary metal junk, but also to receive a monetary reward for this. The estimated cost of scrap metal remains at a fairly attractive level for the client. The company buys industrial and household scrap metal in any quantity, which allows it to meet the needs of its customers to the maximum.

An equally important feature of cooperation is the possibility of delivery of non-ferrous scrap metal. It is possible to use the service of calling an appraiser to estimate the cost of scrap metal. The client receives payment immediately after weighing. For this purpose, the collection points are equipped with truck scales, which guarantee an accurate weight. The company's specialists accept scrap metal seven days a week. Thus, customers will be able to hand over the existing batch of scrap at any convenient time upon a preliminary call. A self-pickup service is available, which is especially relevant for owners of small quantities.

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