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Friction sector in the Kipian online store

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Friction sector in the Kipian online store

In the process of long-term operation, parts and assemblies of mechanisms tend to fail. This is due to the continuous processes of friction, sliding, which ultimately can lead to wear of the mechanism itself. The optimal solution is the use of special consumables that are used for various types of equipment. So, for example, the friction sector, in addition to protecting the components from wear, is also responsible for the braking efficiency. If you need to buy a similar sector , contact the store " Kipian ".

Friction sector: operational features

The main purpose of the friction sector is to protect mechanisms and equipment from premature wear. Its use is advisable in brake assemblies in various industries. For example, the frictional sector can be used in brake clutches, presses, various machine tools, brake drums. It can also be used to protect clutch mechanisms in agricultural machinery.

Main characteristics of the friction sector

If you are faced with the task of providing enterprises with the necessary consumables, you can contact the specialists of the Kipian company. It is very important to pay attention to the basic specifications before placing an order. Among them are:

  • Thickness of parts and sector.
  • Outside and inside diameters.
  • Radius.
  • Density.
  • Hardness.

For the convenience of each client, characteristics are indicated for each model of the friction sector. This will allow you to select consumables in full accordance with the needs of each client.

Ordering frictional sectors from the company " Kipian "

The company specializes in the supply of industrial equipment and devices of various types. All products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months. Also, the company's specialists are ready to offer warranty service. Delivery to all regions of Russia is valid. Thus, to order frictional sectors in any volume, you can go to the company's website in St. Petersburg. Our managers will help you place your order and advise on all issues.

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