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CNC laser machines

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CNC laser machines

The functionality of modern laser machines allows processing metals in a variety of dimensional and figured parameters, and not only in the plane, but also in vertical directions. For a quick commission:

  • Precise and accurate cuts.
  • Straight and circular motions.

With the plasmatron cutter, special control programs are used, which completely exclude defects as a result of the human factor. You can get acquainted with this type of equipment on the site just cnc - a company that supplies both the machines themselves and the components for their operation in a specific production area.

The main advantages of CNC laser machines

The CNC laser equipment sold by the company allows processing standard (maximum in size) sheet metal products without preliminary cutting (cutting) into blanks. The installed program allows you to receive finished products:

  • With exact correspondence to the required dimensional parameters.
  • With a perfectly straight cut line that does not require additional processing (deburring, grinding).
  • With any radii present in the future part.
  • With the ability to make engraving, including glass, plastic or wood.

You can get more complete information about the technical capabilities of CNC laser machines using the official Internet resource of their supplier. All models of this type of equipment presented in the catalog are available and have a manufacturer's quality guarantee.

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