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Laser cutting machines for sheet metal rolling

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Laser cutting machines for sheet metal rolling

Manufacturing a final metal part using cutting equipment (turning, milling machines) includes such a technological process as preparing a workpiece of certain dimensions. Traditional methods of cutting sheet metal:

  • Mechanical cut.
  • Using electric or gas welding equipment.

Refers to the category of labor-intensive and costly activities. At the same time, as a result of heating, the structure of the metal along the seam line does not change for the better and the required level of dimensional quality is absent. The machines allowed to solve the problems associated with cutting (a wide range of models is presented on the site https://lasercut.ru/katalog/lazernyie-stanki-po-metallu/ supplier, company" LASERCUT "), equipped with:

  • Laser plasmatron.
  • Numerically controlled.

They have a number of advantages in comparison with classic technologies and are regularly updated by developers with the introduction of additional options and innovative solutions.

Laser cutting machine with interchangeable work table

Laser equipment for cutting sheet metal allows you to immediately place a sheet of standard sizes on the desktop. If the processed product has other (non-standard) dimensional parameters, for the convenience of performing production operations, it is possible to quickly replace one working table with another in automatic mode. Laser machine of this type:

  • Does not require site preparation and bed installation like conventional metal cutting equipment.
  • Levels horizontally with adjustable base feet.
  • Has a protective cover for the working area.

The equipment can perform cuts in sheet metal both in the straight direction and with rounding along the radius specified by the operator. The absence of deformation of the metal as a result of heating allows operations to be carried out with high precision.

You can get more complete information about the types and technical capabilities of laser machines for cutting sheet metal using the catalog of the company "LASERCUT". The equipment models presented on its pages are available in stock and are delivered to customers after the contract is signed.

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