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Severstal launched a distance learning program for museum staff in the Russian North

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The educational and educational program "Museums of the Russian North: 20/21" has begun work for the staff of museums in 12 northern regions of Russia. A series of video lectures, online meetings and expert consultations will touch upon key aspects of the activities and development of museums.

"Museums of the Russian North: 20/21" is preceded by a Severstal grant competition for the implementation of museum projects. The educational and educational program and competition include the following topics and nominations:

  • Collection: projects aimed at popularizing the artistic culture of the Russian North, developing new forms of working with museum collections and developing relevant educational and educational products based on the artistic heritage
  • Museum and society: projects aimed at expanding social practice museums and developing local communities, working with socially vulnerable groups, people with disabilities and representatives of the "silver age", involving the local population in the activities of museums and improving the quality of life of the territories Tradition: projects aimed at assimilating and actualizing the spiritual and creative heritage of the peoples of the Russian North, searching for new ways of broadcasting and promoting traditional culture in the space of modernity
  • Tourism: projects that contribute to the development of tourist activities in museums and the growth of tourist activity visibility of the regions of the Russian North (tourist and excursion routes, event and entertainment events, virtual tours and programs) for different age groups and target audiences
  • .Doc: projects aimed at creating cultural and educational products based on local and personal stories, testimonies, interviews and artifacts of the Soviet era, post-Soviet period and modern times

Registered program participants have access to an educational online platform, which will publish video lectures on a weekly basis from September 28 to November 5, 2020. each of the nominations topics and online consultations with lecturers and experts of the competition will be held.

In the "Focus regions" block, every week online representatives of the museums included in the competition area will talk about their experience of adapting to new realities caused by pandemic. The video lecture is devoted to the theoretical, technological and practical aspects of museums, taking into account the technical challenges that we had to face in the conditions of coronavirus infection and quarantine. A separate block includes lectures on socio-cultural design.

Leading specialists in the field of museums, socio-cultural design, tourism and creative industries - practitioners and experts take part in the program as lecturers and consultants.

“The coronavirus epidemic, which has changed the rules and the usual routine of our life, has made adjustments to the original plan of the Museum of the Russian North -2020 program. We had to reformat the travel grants program and the offsite creative design laboratory into an o-lie program, but we did not change the overall goal of supporting the development of museums, only changed the approaches. Moreover, new opportunities are always opening up - the audience of participants is significantly expanding - 277 people have registered for the program, and the expected results are the activation of creativity in museum and socio-cultural design and the development of skills in the museum environment in new conditions. We hope we will be able to implement everything that conceived, and the participants of the program - intellectually and emotionally enriched with communication and new knowledge ", - said Natalia Poppel, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department and the Severstal brand.

With the schedule of the educational and educational program" Museums of the Russian North: 20 /21 "can be found in the file attached to the release and at the linkhttps://museums.severstal.com/roud/laboratory/.

The Museums of the Russian North grant program will end on December 25, 2020 with the announcement of the winners of the XI museum competition projects.

Applications for the competition will be held from October 30 to November 30, 2020. Severstal's Museum of the Russian North Charity Program - Trajectory Foundation for Supporting Scientific, Educational and Cultural Initiatives.

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