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Ordering Keraterm ceramic blocks

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Ordering Keraterm ceramic blocks

The use of high-quality building materials is a guarantee of durability and wear resistance of any structures. Today, Keratherm ceramic blocks are used as construction materials. These are reliable, modern building materials with a number of significant advantages. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail.

Main features of ceramic blocks Keraterm

  • Thanks to the use of sawdust added to the composition, high energy efficiency of the material is achieved.
  • Ability not to use insulation when using ceramic blocks. This is achieved by finding the coefficient of thermal resistance at the proper level.
  • The ceramic block belongs to environmentally friendly and safe materials. The composition contains clay that does not have harmful additives. Therefore, we can safely talk about the high environmental friendliness of the material.
  • High strength indicators, which are manifested in the construction of a house with a height of six floors.
  • Excellent noise absorption and indoor comfort. This criterion is achieved due to the porosity of the block structure.
  • Ensuring high moisture exchange, which indicates good ventilation in the room. This prevents mold and mildew from forming on the walls.

Ordering ceramic blocks in Kiev

To achieve warmth and comfort in the house is the main goal of those who are busy building their own home. This cannot be achieved without high-quality and reliable building materials. By using porous ceramic blocks for the construction of buildings, you will get a reliable material with long-term performance.

Keraterm Ukraine offers to place an order for the purchase of these building materials in Kiev at the link https://keraterm.com.ua/ru/. All products are certified, so quality assurance for customers comes first.

Laying walls using ceramic blocks is several times faster than using ordinary bricks. This achieves financial benefits. By using Keraterm products, construction costs are significantly reduced.

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