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TMK2U Corporate University reached the final of the international Steelie Awards

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TMK2U Corporate University reached the final of the international Steelie Awards

The project of the TMK2U Corporate University of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) entered the top 5 industry practices for personnel training according to the World Steel Association. The educational program “School of Electronic Course Developers”, created by TMK2U, became a finalist of the prestigious Steelie Awards in the “Education and Training” nomination, along with projects from companies from Latin America, Asia and Russia. The winner will be announced on October 14.

The eLearning School was launched in November 2019. During this time, about 20 TMK employees, selected based on the results of an internal competition, have been trained there. Alumni, together with the company's experts, have already created 35 e-courses for their colleagues, which are integrated into the educational process on the corporate HR platform SOTA2U. Now the project participants are preparing courses in the main technical disciplines - pipe-rolling production, hydraulics and steelmaking, as well as in such areas as technological instruction, work with software, labor protection and industrial safety. In the near future new areas of knowledge and disciplines will be added to them.

“The uniqueness of the project lies in attracting internal reserves for the development of corporate training programs. TMK employees are better acquainted with the specifics and needs of enterprises than external developers, but they need certain skills in order to systematize their knowledge and present it in a course format. We give our colleagues the necessary tools and, as a result, we receive training programs that perfectly suit our requirements. In the context of the pandemic, the project became super effective - we stopped full-time education, switched to online, and new e-learning courses became extremely in demand. About 15 thousand of our employees have already completed training on them, "said Elena Pozolotina, TMK Deputy General Director for Human Resources - Director of the TMK2U Corporate University.

TMK2U Corporate University was created in November 2017 as a key resource of the company for management of employee competencies. Training is conducted in 169 programs in five areas: basic production and technological functions, the formation of in-depth knowledge and advanced professional skills, special programs for managers, increasing competencies in the field of commerce, as well as the development of corporate, personal and basic skills of professional activity. In less than three years, employees of TMK and Sinara Group have been trained at university courses more than 125 thousand times, including about 20 thousand times in technical areas. In 2020, about 20 thousand employees of the enterprises of both companies took courses.

The prestigious international Steelie Awards are held by the World Steel Association and this year it is awarded for the 11th time. The competition is open to member companies of this association, which unites 85% of world steel production, as well as individuals. The winners are announced in seven nominations: Digital Communications, Innovation of the Year, Sustainable Development, Life Cycle Assessment, Education and Training, Communication Programs and Journalist of the Year. The jury includes professors of industry departments of leading world universities, representatives of specialized funds and organizations, members of committees of the World Steel Association.

TMK2U Corporate University reached the final of the international Steelie Awards

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