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Metalloinvest allocates 550 million rubles to support healthcare in the Orenburg region

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Metalloinvest purchases high-tech equipment for medical institutions in the Orenburg Region, personal protective equipment for medical personnel and medicines for a total amount of about 550 million rubles.

Purchases are made in within the framework of the health care system support program in the regions and cities of the Company's presence.

October 13 Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler, Regional Health Minister Tatyana Savinova and Metalloinvest executives - General Director Nazim Efendiev, First Deputy General Director - Production Director Andrey Ugarov, Director for Social Policy and Corporate Communications Yulia Mazanova - got acquainted with the operation of the spiral computed tomography apparatus in the city hospital No. 4 of the city of Orsk, acquired by the Company.

“In our covid center, a new computed tomography scanner will operate around the clock,” said Pavel Orlov, chief physician of hospital No. 4. - The equipment is designed to examine patients with suspected viral pneumonia. We are grateful to Metalloinvest for the much-needed apparatus that will help us quickly and efficiently diagnose diseases and prescribe the necessary treatment in a timely manner. Another powerful 64-slice computed tomography scanner has arrived at the city hospital # 2, the staff of which is preparing it for launch. "

“For more than ten years Metalloinvest has been a reliable partner in addressing pressing social issues in our region,” said Denis Pasler. - This year the Company has provided unprecedented assistance to our healthcare institutions. We are grateful to Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov and the Metalloinvest company for their participation in the life of the Orenburg region. Such support is very important in the current situation. The fight against coronavirus continues in the region. We are ready for it: 15 covid centers and 16 aftercare centers are operating. More than 3,700 covid beds have been deployed, and more than 200 are in reserve. "

“The company is making serious efforts to combat the threat, which, unfortunately, is gaining strength again,” said Nazim Efendiyev. - At the initiative of the founder of Metalloinvest, Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, we are implementing a large-scale program to support medicine in our regions. We are in constant contact with governors and city administrations - we provide assistance where it is needed. The development of the Company is inseparable from the well-being of its employees, their loved ones and all residents of our cities. "

“As part of the program to support the Orenburg region in the fight against COVID-19, the Company purchased about a thousand units of modern equipment,” said Yulia Mazanova. “We help healthcare to expand the capabilities of medical institutions, to make the dedicated work of doctors more efficient and safer.”

In total, Metalloinvest purchased six CT scanners, three diagnostic laboratories, 82 ventilators, blood gas detectors, oxygen concentrators, ECG machines, defibrillators, pacemakers, medical beds and wheelchairs, microbiological safety boxes, other medical equipment, recirculators and personal protective equipment for nursing staff.

A digital X-ray machine, bronchoscopes and other equipment are expected to arrive.

The heads of the region and Metalloinvest also visited the Novotroitsk emergency hospital, where the reconstruction of polyclinic No. 2 is nearing completion. As part of the program of assistance to medical institutions, in addition to two tomographs, 5 oxygen concentrators, 50 medical beds and sets of protective equipment for medical personnel were received here. For the reconstruction of the institution, the purchase of consumables and equipment, Metalloinvest spent about 220 million rubles. The clinic will accept the first patients by the end of this year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Metalloinvest has provided assistance to healthcare institutions in the Orenburg, Belogorodsk, Kursk and Moscow regions in the amount of more than 2 billion rubles to combat the coronavirus. The funds allocated by the Company are used to equip hospitals with high-tech medical equipment and personal protective equipment for personnel, as well as specialized vehicles.

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