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Metalloinvest and Severstal held an open dialogue in the field of maintenance and repair

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Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky mining and processing plants of Metalloinvest were visited by repair specialists of Severstal enterprises: JSC Karelsky Okatysh, JSC Olkon, JSC Yakovlevsky GOK, JSC Severstal Management and the Severstal division Russian Steel "for the exchange of experience in the field of maintenance and repair of equipment, management of production assets.

The directors of repairs and experts of the Companies held opening meetings, at which they discussed topical issues of increasing the efficiency of repairs, modern approaches to asset management, assessment and risk management. During the visit to the repair sites of enterprises in real conditions, the level of work organization was assessed.

“Such meetings with colleagues from mining and metallurgical companies in Russia are a useful experience,” noted Dmitry Kazantsev, equipment director at Lebedinsky GOK. - Exchange of best practices, a fresh look at processes and operations, analysis of specific achievements, allows you to compare and adjust steps in the process of changes in the maintenance and repair system. We have a lot to learn from each other, adopt unique practices, adapt them for ourselves and apply them successfully. "

“The meeting with colleagues was productive,” said Elena Pyanova, Head of the Department for Development and Efficiency of Production Assets of Mikhailovsky GOK. - We shared our vision of certain processes, compared the technologies used, and looked for ways to solve similar problems. As a result, each of us has gained valuable experience that can help to reach a higher level in the development of repair services.

Open dialogue on a wide range of production issues is a common practice in partnerships between the two leaders in the mining and metals industry.

“We noted the high level of readiness of Metalloinvest's repair services, powerful repair facilities, equipment with modern tools and materials, and the high involvement of managers and employees in maintenance-related issues,” commented Yuri Silin, Deputy Director for Repairs, Severstal Division ... Russian Steel ”and resource assets. "This is an excellent basis for further development and transformation of repair services to the highest industry standards."

In 2020, Metalloinvest launched a large-scale program to transform the repair services of its enterprises. Over the three years of its implementation, it is necessary to carry out a deep reorganization of the maintenance and repair function, changes in the culture of planning, organization and implementation of maintenance and repairs of technological equipment focused on reliability, to ensure a stable, efficient state of the main assets of enterprises, to improve the practical methods of work of employees, to develop competencies and improve the system of motivation for repair personnel, build a management system that meets modern business requirements.

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