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Virtual reality at the service of industrial security

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The simulator is located on the basis of the "Safety School" - a unique training ground for practicing safe work skills. Here the skills of working in a gas environment, providing first aid to the victim, extinguishing fires, the basics of high-altitude work, etc. are practiced. On the initiative of the Directorate for Labor Protection, Industrial Safety and Environment of PJSC MMK, the School of Safety began to use virtual reality technologies to identify violations and identify dangerous actions at various locations. In fact, this is a system of virtual passing of the test for the employee's knowledge of labor protection rules at work. Two zones were equipped, equipped with virtual reality glasses, headphones, joysticks and a TV panel for the teacher to visualize the actions in the location. To implement this project, Skolkovo resident OMW LLC, a specialized company that carried out filming and production of computer graphics, was involved. In order to hone the skills of identifying risks in the workplace, workers from various departments were selected, several locations were selected, in particular, an oxygen-converter shop, a coke shop, sheet-rolling shops No. 10 and 11, and a locomotive shop. In the locations, real production areas were reproduced as accurately as possible - this was one of the main tasks for developers. When passing the test, an employee, getting into a location, sees certain violations of safety rules or dangerous actions and records them on the tablet. Among the inherent situations, for example, the movement of goods by cranes, violations associated with the placement of various foreign objects on the work site, violations associated with the use of personal protective equipment for workers and the condition of equipment. After violations are found and marked, the employee can see a summary table of all violations. An employee can be tested as many times as he wants until the desired result is achieved. The use of virtual reality technology has been highly appreciated by the heads of the departments whose locations are presented on the simulator. The effectiveness of employee training has increased several times, since no knowledge of labor protection rules gleaned from books and instructions can replace immersion in virtual reality based on specific production areas. This is especially true for those who are instructed for the first time before applying for a job. It will be much easier for a future employee to navigate a real industrial site after he has visited it virtually. MMK plans to further develop a project on using virtual reality for teaching safe work. Currently, specialists from the Labor Protection and Industrial Safety Department, together with developers, are creating a location for the safe performance of hazardous technological operations, such as, for example, slinging of various cargoes. In previous locations, the employee only observes and identifies any risks (violations) associated with the state of the workplace and violation of the rules by employees when performing certain work. In the new location being developed, the possibility of using various tools and devices, giving commands to the crane driver, etc., will already be implemented. The use of the VR simulator, along with other digital transformation projects of PJSC MMK, is part of the strategic initiative Industry 4.0 being implemented at the plant. Digitalization projects invariably demonstrate their high efficiency, ensuring the growth of labor productivity, reducing costs and increasing the safety of personnel. Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK
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