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Severstal has mastered and certified a new class of fittings - А800Р

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has developed and mastered the technology for the production of reinforcing bars of the А800Р class with the requirements for stress relaxation. The reinforcement has successfully passed the certification in accordance with GOST 34028-2016 at the Construction Research Center.

“Thanks to the development of the А800Р class, Severstal has become a manufacturer of the widest range of reinforcing bars in Russia. A wide assortment and technical characteristics of our products, of course, allow us to offer new and non-standard solutions for customers. They make it possible to meet the needs for rolled metal products in complex and strategically significant projects due to exceptional properties and comprehensive supplies. Thus, the А800Р reinforcement bars are used for the construction of unique and important objects, "commented Evgeny Chernyakov, Severstal's director for work with companies in the construction industry.

Now in the Severstal product portfolio it is presented as standard reinforcing bars (А240, А400 and А500), and reinforcing bars with exceptional characteristics: А500СНУ (reinforcement of increased plasticity, resistant to repeated cyclic loads), Armanorma (reinforcement of А600С class of increased strength, retaining its properties up to minus 100 degrees), as well as a new class - А800Р with requirements for stress relaxation.

A800R-class rolled products are produced on mill 250 in the section rolling production of the Cherepovets Steel Works (CherMK, part of the Severstal-Russian Steel division). Such reinforcement has high strength and bending resistance. Due to these characteristics, the product is suitable as a component of complex, including overall, structures that are subjected to heavy loads, as well as for the manufacture of prestressed reinforced concrete structures. The corrugated surface of reinforcing bars is made in the form of a sickle-shaped profile, which provides excellent adhesion and connection with hardening concrete, consequently - high strength and solidity of structures.

Rebar А800Р can be used to reinforce prestressed reinforced concrete structures in industrial, special, hydraulic engineering, as well as civil engineering. For example, in the construction of bridges with wide spans, pressure pipelines, dams, watertight tanks.

Note that in the spring of 2020, Severstal became one of the few Russian companies that certified A500SNU reinforcing bars according to the new GOST 34028-2016. A500SNU is a thermomechanically hardened reinforcement with increased ductility, resistant to repeated cyclic loads. The product is in demand in the construction of nuclear facilities, as well as in complex infrastructure projects. It was mastered at CherMK at the request of a company engaged in the construction of nuclear power plants. The main volume of reinforcing bars of this strength class is produced at mills 250 and 350 of the CherMK bar mill. Compliance with the national standard - GOST 34028-2016 - allows the product to be used in the reinforcement of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and in the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete. Such a certificate of conformity must be confirmed every three years.

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