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"Elektrokabel" has produced a record volume of fireproof cable

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"Elektrokabel" has produced a record volume of fireproof cable

Kolchugino (Vladimir region)

Kolchuginsky "Elektrokabel" (part of the "Cable Alliance Holding", which unites the cable assets of UMMC) has produced the millionth kilometer of fireproof cable used for electrical wiring.

The jubilee was a cable with low smoke and gas emission of the VVGng (A) -LS 3x2.5 brand, which, according to fire safety requirements, is used in the construction and repair of residential premises.

“The plant has been producing this cable for more than 30 years. Naturally, for such a long period, the technology has been worked out, the optimal materials have been selected, which provide the necessary characteristics of the product - a service life of 30 years, non-propagation of combustion during group laying and minimal emission of smoke and gases in case of fire, "said the chief technologist of EKZ JSC Anatoly Barinov.

The design of the cable is quite simple: three copper conductors, insulated with PVC-compound of low fire hazard, are twisted into a core, on which a sheath is applied, also made of fire-safe PVC-compound. At the same time, according to GOST standards, the cable space between the conductors is filled with a sheath material, which ensures the non-propagation of fire along the cable and gives the product a round shape.

“The share of counterfeit products in the cable market, depending on the region, reaches 30%. It is most often found in the segment of cables for general construction needs. What kind of wiring is laid in the walls, no one systematically checks, as a result, there is a high risk of fires in residential buildings and at social facilities. At all KhKA factories, multi-stage quality control of materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Our products are a guarantee of reliability and safety, confirmed for decades ", - emphasized the director of EKZ JSC Evgeny Sukhodoev.

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